This site is dedicated to the best sister I could have ever wished for.

On October 31, 2007, Elizabeth Anne Lawson (33) was taken from us WAY too early. She has physically moved on to another place but she shall remain in our hearts always.

I love you sis and I miss you! May you finally have the peace that you could not find while here with us.

Forever your sister,


For our family and friends:

Please join me in some of my favorite memories of Beth Anne.


I have asked most of you to send me your pictures and comments about Beth, if I forgot to and you want to SEND THEM! As soon as I get them all I will put together more slide shows.

Angie's Memories:

Beth's first friend when we moved to Huntington Beach CA was Angie. Here are her favorite memories of Beth. As we look back, it turns out we did so much, but we always seem to forget to take pictures. Beth.